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Pitt Students

The Pitt Science Outreach Program, run by the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI), offers undergraduates a full spectrum of outreach opportunities designed to educate the public about the importance of science in the community. The Pitt Science Outreach program provides community members hands-on exposure to science, in an effort to promote a broader appreciation of science and inspire future scientists. Pitt Science Outreach seeks to illuminate the impact of scientific discovery in everyday lives and to develop widespread comfort with the research process.

Outreach for Students

Undergraduates and graduate students gain hands-on experience in Science Outreach by taking specialized courses, attending Science Outreach Workshops, and participating in the unique volunteer opportunities offered by the Pitt Science Outreach program. Among the opportunities currently available, students can work on the Pitt Mobile Science Lab, design and deliver a science lecture, or attend a community event matched to their specific interests and abilities.

There are three main ways Pitt students -- undergrads and grads -- can get involved in the Pitt Science Outreach program, ranked below in order of commitment level. To learn more, click on the one(s) that you're interested in:


Lend a hand at many of CTSI's official outreach events, racking up volunteer hours and building an ongoing relationship with the communities you serve. Student volunteers can work on the Pitt Mobile Science Lab, or attend a community event matched to their specific interests and abilities.  You can also receive OCC credit.

Give a Lecture

Go to your old grade school or other group connected to you and deliver a science presentation, which you can either adapt from CTSI's templates or develop on your own. 

Take a Class or Attend an Outreach Workshop

Learn about the ins and outs of bringing science to the public by attending one of the outreach workshops on campus, conducted quarterly by CTSI personnel. 

Questions about getting involved? Email the Outreach Coordinator at